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Cancer Fighters is a non-profit organization, supervised by Dr Fotouh Rashed ,Faculty of pharmacy Tanta University. Cancer fighters is established in 2015 which aims to improve awareness of people about cancer through several activities such as campaigns, exhibitions , seminars , online courses, magazines and conferences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to brand our project to raise awareness about cancer around the world, to publish our work in scientific journals and to set up online courses

Our Mission

Spreading the awareness about cancer across Egypt and The Arab world and to prepare new generations who have an active role in the community.



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Scientific Exhibition

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Campaigns (Awareness& Pscological Support)

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Scientific Articles in arabic

Cancer Fighters has made a collection of scientific articles about Cancer field as general which we believe it will be very important to know about them as they would help establish the basics of this field.

Cancer & Rantidine

رحلة الرانتيدين من دوا الشعب لمسبب للسرطان


"Monoclonal Antibodies-Checkpoint Inhibitors-Cancer Vaccines-Cytokines-CAR-T cells"

Radiation Therapy


Colon Cancer

What is colon Cancer?

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool allows health professionals to estimate a woman's risk of developing invasive breast cancer over the next 5 years and up to age 90 (lifetime risk).

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Insider Cancer Fighters

For the past few years, Cancer Fighters has organised many great Events that you've missed but it's not late.


"2050" is a Scientific exhibition held by Cancer Fighters Tanta to keep students aware of all the new researches done on oncology all over the world.

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Awareness Campaign

"Mansoura University has received an Awareness Campaign conducted by Cancer Fighters members attempting to focus the attention of the students on "What can I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer?".

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Psychological Support

57357 Hospital in tanta received a Psychological Support Campaign to help Children to heal the psychological wounds and rebuild social structures and help change them into active survivors rather than passive victims.

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Annual Scientific Competition

A unique opportunity that allows you to meet other science researchers & the winner of this competition may have the opportunity to establish or strenghen collaboration with these experts.


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El-Gharbeya, Egypt.

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